Paddock Farm access issues near the Roaches

The permissive bridleway past Paddock Farm near the Roaches had its permissive status removed earlier this year. Please help us maintain positive relationships with landowners in the area by not using this section. Paddock Farm is on the west of the Roaches Estate near Danebridge. The footpath past Paddock Farm connects Swythamley with the Roaches […]

Cut Gate site visit Sept 2019

Cut Gate – all looking good for October

The repairs to the Cut Gate path, for which the mountain bike community drove huge fund-raising efforts, are scheduled to start at the end of October and the plans are reassuring. Cut Gate is a classic Peak District trail that has suffered over the years due to the passage of many feet, wheels and hooves. […]

Levelling the field – Peak District MTB on the BBC

You might have seen Peak District MTB on BBC Breakfast. Following recent weeks’ news of trail sabotage it was great to be able to get on to talking about what we are about – namely working to make the Peak District one of the largest, most exciting and well connected areas in the UK for […]

Be Nice, Say Hi in Aston

We’ve received a message requesting that riders be considerate and manage their speed when riding down the road which emerges from the Aston bridleway. There are a number of houses with children and animals in the area. We’ll also be working to repair the drains on the bridleway so please don’t disturb the rocks. This […]

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