DCC’s disappointing decision on Rushup Edge repairs

Derbyshire County Council met last week and on the agenda (near the bottom) was making a decision on what to do with the postponed Rushup Edge repairs. For some background click here. It’s disappointing but perhaps unsurprising that they intend to continue with their original plans. DCC seem satisfied that they have now consulted and […]

Rushup Edge / Chapel Gate UPDATE

Following our official complaint to DCC re the lack of impartiality in their report on the consultation process we were called yesterday by a lady from DCC regarding the complaint. She stated that they had not yet started the investigation due to annual leave and shortage of personnel but she would be giving it her […]

DCC’s Rushup Edge report to cabinet – our official response

Many months have passed since the Rushup Edge resurfacing debacle kicked off last October. There have been various twists and turns reported in depth on our website, discussed at length on our Facebook page,¬†Singletrackworld¬†and many other websites, even radio and press. Derbyshire County Council are meeting this coming Tuesday July 7th to discuss what to […]

A quick summary of DCC’s Rushup Edge (Chapel Gate) report

If you saw our recent update to the Rushup Edge/Chapel Gate fiasco and are looking for a summary of the situation today, read on… Following objections to Derbyshire County Council’s work on Rushup Edge, consultation was sought from user groups. We and other groups provided statements in January 2015. Some months later a report was […]

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