Meet the Team – Dave Finch

Why did you get involved with Peak District MTB? I’ve been living and riding around Macclesfield for over 8 years and there’s a lot of potential, but access is relatively limited. Over time, I became aware of grumblings and problems around Macclesfield Forest, and these were mounting to the point that the situation had to […]

AGM 2020 Report

“The biggest thing to take from that AGM” says Dan Noble, chair of Peak District MTB, “for me, was the amount of positive stuff we’ve got to follow up on. There was loads of great conversation, challenge and debate – perhaps even more than we normally get.” Dan was talking after the Peak District MTB […]

AGM 2020 – We want your help

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th November. Any signed-up member can attend, and we’d love you to come along to our virtual event. We’ll be emailing out more info soon. If you’re not yet a member sign up here. 2020 has been a strange year with the COVID crisis putting […]

Coronavirus restrictions affecting Peak District mountain biking

The rules and guidance that state what we should and shouldn’t do to restrict the spread of Coronavirus are changing regularly. The introduction of a local tiered system makes it hard to provide general advice on mountain biking in the Peak District since the Peak covers so many different areas. As of 31st October several […]