The Domino Effect

The best way to persuade someone that you can do something is simply prove to them that you have done it before. There’s no real argument against solid, recorded evidence. And there’s no reason why that principle shouldn’t apply in mountain biking here in the Peak District. The trouble is, while we might have one […]

What’s happening with the Macclesfield Forest trail closures?

The storm damage at popular riding spot Macclesfield Forest has lead to some trail closures and some questions and queries from the mountain bike community. Our trusted colleague in mountain bike advocacy – Keeper of the Peak – has the low down for us: “The ‘complete closure’ of Macclesfield Forest following Storm Emma has raised […]

Positive news for Lyme cyclists in 2018

Last year the National Trust ran a consultation on cycling at their Lyme Estate in the north west Peak District near Disley (more info here). People from multiple user groups got involved in the consultation, resulting in permissive trails being opened up on the estate during August and September last year. Due to the success […]