Bridge the Pennine Bridleway Gap

The Pennine Bridleway stretches 205 miles up and down the backbone of the Pennines from Cumbria to Derbyshire. It offers opportunities to explore drover’s roads, packhorse routes and newly created bridleways.

Unfortunately there’s a 6 mile gap in this off-road route around Charlesworth and Glossop, where horse riders, cyclists and walkers have to take to dangerous roads to continue to the next section of the trail.

“We were on busy main roads. There were large lorries and vans going at speed, anything could have happened. What a contrast from the peace of the rest of the ride”. Sue, Derbyshire.

On Saturday 6th May a short parade of cyclists, walkers and horse riders will be heading through Charlesworth Centre from Hargate and back. This is to protest at the potentially dangerous gap in the Pennine Bridleway and show support for its completion.

Tameside Riders, in association with SPEED and Peak Horsepower, have organised this protest parade to pressure Derbyshire County and Natural England Council into completing the trail. You can learn more about this unfinished business here.

Peak District MTB support the completion of a safe, traffic-free Pennine Bridleway and welcome the opportunity to be involved in the consultation process.

Sign the online petition to show your support. There are more details about the Protest Parade, including time and meeting points, on Facebook.

1 May 2017