Meeting with Derbyshire County Council re the Hope Valley Link

Two of the Peak District MTB Committee followed up on the recent news and consultation notice posted on Twitter and various other outlets by PDNPA regarding the proposed Hope Valley Link. Whilst their post was hitting the twitterverse asking for consultation on the PDNPA Wider Peak District Cycle Strategy, DCC personnel were on ground implementing […]

Peak District National Park – Wider Peak District Cycling Strategy.

We were fortunate to have had a meeting with Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) during their drafting of the Wider Peak District Cycle Strategy and as you will see from our earlier posts on the site, a major concern was the lack of reference to mountain biking. In fact, mountain bikes were mentioned only […]

Peak District National Park Authority response to our questions

We have had a written, formal response to the questions we outlined in the earlier post and it raises another raft of questions, it would be great to hear other riders’ questions and responses to this so we can keep this dialogue going and make the most of the open communications we have with PDNPA. […]

Bakewell bridge, peak district mtb

Meeting the Peak District National Park Authority

A quick update on the meeting we had with Meeting the Peak District National Park Authority on 13 Jan 2014. Five of us made it through to Bakewell on a foul and rainy evening to meet with Mike Rhodes, Access and Rights of Way Manager and Tim Nicholson, Transport Policy Officer to introduce ourselves, pose […]

Peak District Cycle Strategy, Peak District cycling

The Peak District Cycle Strategy

We were formed as a group because PDNPA wanted resident riders to input into the Peak District Cycle Strategy. Through this contact we have had sight of a very early draft of the document and been able to raise a number of questions which arose once we had time to study the document. After a […]