Ride in the Corridors of Power

The push for increased access at governmental level has stalled. No matter which way you look at it, cutting through the rhetoric and bluster, there is zero definitive action to improve access for riders here in England. The Scottish model has proven a huge success, bar isolated incidents. Trails for Wales has come so close […]

BHF Peak District ride postponed to October 2023

We’ve had the disappointing news that the BHF Peak District event, planned for April this year, has been postponed to October 21st due to slow sign up. Obviously this is not what we wanted to share as we were in the midst of recruiting marshals and sweepers for the event as well as making plans […]

Merry Christmas from Peak District MTB

Another year, another look back over what we’ve been up to in Peak District MTB. It’s a tradition, isn’t it? Look at what we did, promise to do better in 2023. So let’s have a go at that shall we? Well it has been a decent year for us again. As we often point out, […]