Planned imminent maintenance works by DCC (Winter 2021/2022)

In October we were invited, as part of the Local Access Forum, to attend a number of site visits by Derbyshire Country Council to hear about the proposed repairs to some trails in the park. Unfortunately, the report from the site visits, detailing the repairs. has only just been released to us and they are included here:

  • Chapel Gate (Edale)
    Works started (as pictured above, 20/11/2021). Drain channels that had been blocked by road planings washing off the path, have been cleared. A more suitable compacted gritstone based material has been put down to to fill the gulleys where the road planings had washed out. This seems to offer better grip that the loose surface of the road planings.
  • Cave Dale (Castleton), Bridleway
  • Brushfield (Taddington), Bridleway
  • Chertpit (Great Longstone)
  • Jacobs Ladder (Stoney Middleton)
  • Pindale (Hope)
  • Car Road (Millthorpe)
  • Moorlands Lane (Bonsall)
  • Upperdale (Monsal)

Cave Dale bridleway, 2021.

We have chased the DCC, regarding the timing of the repairs as this will be funded out of the 2021/22 budget. That means they will likely be undertaking the work now, before the weather really turns, and then possibly very early in the spring.

There were also a number of items that have prompted us to ask for clarification – for example, the reference to curbstones in one of the documents. As soon as we have any further details we will share these with members of PDMTB.

In the meantime you may wish to raise questions and express opinions by contacting DCC through their website, Facebook, Twitter or by email.

23 November 2021