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The Mountain Bike ‘Advocacy Files’

We’ve joined forces with Ride Sheffield and Keeper of the Peak to produce “The Advocacy Files”, a collection of some of the finest examples of mountain bike advocacy work in the UK.

We all know how great the mountain biking community is. Sadly, we still suffer from the misconception that we ‘churn up the paths’* and ‘don’t put anything back’. But we do. The Advocacy Files is a collection of some of the best mountain bike advocacy successes in recent years.
Check out the Advocacy Files pdf – click here.

The Peak District National Park Authority have also played their part in pulling it together, so it’s already under the noses of some important people. And it’s not all rainbows and lollipops – the booklet shares some frank lessons learned and looks at what could be done better. We’re always learning.

All in all it makes some really interesting reading and it’s something the groups – Ride Sheffield, Peak District MTB and Keeper of the Peak are really proud of.

So what can you do with it?

Well read it. Use it. Share it. Learn from it. And if you want to be in it, get in touch with Keeper of the Peak, email:

*Said to one of the committee by a sweet old lady at the top of Cumberland Clough a couple of weeks ago.

5 May 2017