What are the current works on Rushup Edge?

There are some works underway on Rushup Edge and people are wondering what’s happening. Here’s a quick update.

As you know Derbyshire County Council (DCC) ran a consultation exercise regarding the suggested “repairs” to Chapel Gate / Rushup Edge, this exercise was completed in July 2018, below is a link to the consultation and the rationale:


Peak District MTB along with other stakeholders and users submitted responses identifying shortcomings with the proposed works and proposing alternatives schemes of work etc

Photo courtesy of Mat Power

Since July 2018 we have been in regular contact with Councillors and Officers at DCC, to remind them that we hadn’t forgotten and were waiting for the results of the consultation.  Whilst the results of the consultation have not been released nor do we fully know what the extent of the work that will be undertaken we have been advised of the following:

  • DCC have concluded that minimal intervention is the way forward and they do not plan major construction work on the route
  • The aim of DCC is to preserve the natural surface to avoid any form of infill and construction
  • DCC plan to test some sections of the route in March, this will involve removing and stock piling loose stone and where there are significant holes to fill these with material gathered on site
  • DCC expect to be on-site for a month, this is because there is a lot of manual work involved work in re-instating selected areas, this is being done on an as needed basis.  DCC only expect to discover this once they have picked the length of Chapel Gate from the road to the gate on the moor

Whilst we are pleased that there is some movement, we still need to understand what DCC fully propose and the implications for users, so we are being cautious with our response.  We are expecting an official announcement from DCC shortly have been invited to meet with the Councillor whose remit that this falls under.

If you want to learn more about the back-story to Rushup Edge (Chapel-en-le-Frith Byway Open to all Traffic AKA Chapel Gate), search on this website for ‘Rushup‘.

6 March 2019