What do you think makes a good path?

What makes a good path for mountain biking? What about walking? Running? Horse-riding? Don’t miss this opportunity to share your thoughts on what makes a good path by completing¬†this survey from Natural England.

We share the paths with different user groups with different abilities. Defining a “good path” is not easy when considering what different user groups want from a path. The simple answer to “what is a good path?” is “it depends”.

Natural England has commissioned the Oxfordshire County Council, Systeme D and the University of Oxford to undertake a project to understand the most important quality metrics that define a good path (e.g. footpaths, bridleways, byways) for different types of uses. As part of this project, they are conducting a survey to collect feedback from user groups across England to identify the top quality metrics for different use types. The results will be openly available and published on greenspacehack.com/.

When completing the survey think about the positive experiences you’ve had on different paths and why. Also think about your bad experiences on the paths – what made them bad? Is signage important to you? What about trail furniture such as gates? Access and parking?

It’s important that mountain bikers’ views are represented in surveys like this. Please make the most of this opportunity to help the powers-that-be understand what different user groups want from a path and fill in the survey.

Deadline is 7th January 2022.


20 December 2021