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£152,542 cost for Rushup Edge “repairs”

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) have budgeted £152,542 to carry out the contentious repairs to Rushup Edge. We now have answers to the other questions surrounding their new plans which will help us – and we hope you – submit your response to their consultation.

What’s this all about?

If you didn’t know, DCC are currently consulting on plans to resurface Rushup Edge.
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As the information DCC gave us was pretty minimal we asked more questions. Here are the answers. We’ll leave you to judge whether you think it’s the right action.

Please please take part in this consultation and let DCC know what you think.
Take part in DCC’s consultation questionnaire here >

Firstly the cost: they estimate it will cost a whopping £152,542!

This will come from local transport funding. No specific budget or plan has been developed for maintenance; any repair costs will also come out of local transport funding.

We had requested they used a specialised contractor like that used on the Roych Clough or Winstone Lee Tor. However, they’ve not listened to us: they plan to use Derbyshire Highways workers who usually just fix our roads. This is despite there being a permanent ban on motor vehicles using the route.

We also asked them more about the methods they’ll be using. The “sub-base 1” which is being used to in-fill between concreted paving slabs on the descent is fine 20mm gritstone. We think this is likely to wash away, cause ruts and block drains. We asked them what the “geotextile” was which would fill in the boggy hole at the top of Rushup. They wouldn’t say what it was, only that it would be “wrapped around the imported stone, to stop native material washing into the voids of the imported stone”. Don’t forget they are also wanting to use concrete on the descent section. We’ve got no information from them about whether any environmental assessment has been carried, so we presume this hasn’t been done.

Finally, they tell us it’ll take up to 8 weeks to repair. They have permission to have the route closed until the end of 2018.

We’ll be putting in a formal response from Peak District MTB and have been talking to other user groups to share this information. However, don’t forget to tell them yourself what you think!
Take part in DCC’s consultation questionnaire here >

26 June 2018