Want to get involved in mountain bike advocacy?

Do you want to support mountain biking advocacy or find out more about what Peak District MTB does? There are plenty of ways to get involved. We’d love you to become a member of Peak District MTB. Firstly, sign up as a member to Peak District MTB (it’s free).

We’d love you to be more involved

We are looking for interested mountain bikers to support our work. You can donate to us here . You can also come along to a trail maintenance day. Everyone can spread the word and represent mountain biking by riding responsibly, treading lightly, Being Nice, Saying Hi and inspiring your riding buddies to do the same.

We’re always looking for people to help in big or small ways such as attending dig days and events, attending meetings with landowners and promoting advocacy in the area. We’re also looking for people with an interest in planning, rights of way and conservation and would be particularly interested to hear from people wanting to support our 22% Campaign which might involve researching old maps and writing applications to open up rights of way.

However big or small, if you have an idea of how you can help please email us.

We’d love you be on our committee

We’re also looking for new committee members. They attend meetings once a month on Thursday evening in Hope and are involved in shaping the work Peak District MTB does and helping out with all our activities. If you are interested, please email us. We vote in members at our AGM (usually November) but need a couple of weeks notice for new members so we can chat to you about the role and make sure it suits you.

We’d love mountain bikers to represent us on Local Access Forums

Local Access Forums (LAFs) are committees that aim to represent different users advising authorities on how to improve the rights of way network and outdoor land for access and recreation. We would be keen to support members joining their Local Access Forum. They meet a number of times a year, usually in the day time and are consulted on a wide range of projects. Currently we think mountain bikers could be represented better on the Staffordshire LAF and Derbyshire LAF. If you think this might be for you then we can give you more details and support your application. Drop Paul an email for more information.

4 November 2019