Constitution – Peak District MTB


1. Peak District MTB (PDMTB) is a voluntary group whose primary aim is to preserve and promote mountain biking within the Peak District (Peak District National Park and close adjoining areas).

2. We aim to protect, preserve and improve current rights of way for mountain biking and encourage their sustainable use alongside other countryside users. We will work together with landowners, councils and the Peak District National Park Authority to maintain and improve trails to a suitable standard. We will gain relevant permissions, appropriate risk assessments and legal protections prior to any work undertaken.

3. We will pursue the opening of new rights of way; including upgrading of footpaths to bridleways or permissive bridleways and the upgrading of permissive bridleways to full bridleways. We will challenge any plans or actions that may restrict, reduce or remove access, though the representation of the views of our membership.

4. We will build relationships and serve as an information and communication point for mountain bikers, relevant authorities or countryside user groups. Information will be published on the Peak District MTB website, social media (including our Facebook page and Twitter account) and via a minimum of a once yearly e-newsletter.

5. If invited, we will represent the views of Members of the group in order to promote mountain biking. In these circumstances, wherever feasible, we will share information and consult Members using the methods described in 4. Where consensus is not reached we would aim to represent the range of views held by responsible mountain bikers who ride in the Peak District.

6. We will research and record, by whatever means possible, mountain bike activities, their economic impact and potential within the Peak District National Park and publicise and disseminate this information through appropriate means.

Peak MTB Trail maintenance

Group Governance

1. Peak District MTB is an advocacy group consisting of Members and a Committee who meet regularly. Any member can stand for election to the Committee. To stand they must give notice and a second, seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will have up to 12 members. Positions include, at minimum, a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (Officers). To be elected to an Officer position, a person must have been a Committee Member for at least 3 months. Officer positions will be elected at the Annual General Meeting, or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. The Committee reserve the right to add positions and to co-opt members of the Committee as events dictate.

2. In order to carry out the aims of the group, the Committee have the power to raise funds, receive grants and donations. They can use funds to carry out the work of the group, co-operate with and support other charities with similar purposes and do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve the aims of the group.

3. Anyone who shares our group’s aims is entitled to join as a Member by completing the online joining form on the group website Members will be added to the membership database. All identifiable information will be held in compliance with the relevant legislation. The aim of holding this information is to provide a basic understanding of the membership demographics relevant to Peak District MTB’s activities (including residence, age), and to develop a mailing list to circulate newsletters or important information about Peak District MTB. Membership is indefinite but the Committee may remove a person’s membership if they believe it is in the best interests of the group. The member has the right to be heard by the Committee before the decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend.

4. We will have one Annual General Meeting a year, open to members. It will be advertised through our email mailing list, website and social media with 14 days’ notice given to members. A quorum of 10 voters present or more is required for voting. Members of the Committee can vote via nominated proxy. Motions require a majority vote. Each member has one vote. Minutes will be recorded. An annual statement and financial statement will be presented by the Committee.

5. An Extraordinary General Meeting can also be called by the Committee; if the Committee receive a written request from the majority of Members, or if the Committee wishes to elect one or more new Officer or update the Constitution, or if the Committee wishes to wind up the group. Members will receive 14 days’ notice and the reason for the meeting. All decisions require a majority of votes at the meeting. Minutes will be kept.

6. This constitution will be reviewed annually prior to the General Meeting. Reasonable changes may be made to the constitution and must be ratified by Members at any General Meeting. Should PDMTB become a charity, changes to the constitution must not be made which would make the group no longer a charity.

7. Peak District MTB will have at least four Committee meetings per year. Matters discussed within the Committee will remain confidential unless agreed otherwise. However, wherever possible, we will aim to share information about group activities and mountain biking in the Peak District with Members and the public without undue delay.

8. When not representing Peak District MTB, the Members will be free to express views and take actions as individuals.

9. All monies related to the group will go into a bank account and administered according to current regulations. A financial report will available on request, and at the Annual General Meeting. No Member will receive any money or property from the group, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses.

10. Should Peak District MTB be wound up, all remaining funds in the bank account will be donated to Edale Mountain Rescue Team. Any equipment will be donated to relevant charitable organisations.

11. Peak District MTB is not a cycling club.

12. Peak District MTB will not pursue activities or agendas that are not directly related to mountain biking. On such issues we will either hold no stance or a neutral stance.

Constitution ratified at the AGM, 26th November 2020