Aims and Objectives of Peak District MTB


Peak District MTB is an advocacy group aimed at using the collective voice of the Peak District’s resident mountain bike community and seeks to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers who live and ride within the Peak District National Park. We would also love to have the support of riders from outside the Park and you can offer this through joining us as a supporter member.


To support the development of the Peak District National Park to become one of the largest, most exciting and well connected areas in the UK for mountain biking.


Our intention is to deliver the objectives through six key strategies, these are:
  1. To support, in whatever way is appropriate and possible, the upkeep and development of rideable mountain bike routes in the Peak District National Park.
  2. To seek to reinstate any downgraded routes and connect any dead end or hanging rights of way to enable the creation of a widely connected area of rideable trails wherever possible.
  3. To promote, represent, lobby and publicise the needs of mountain biking in the Peak District National Park and to challenge any plans or actions that may restrict, reduce or remove access, though the representation of the views of our membership.
  4. To build working relationships with other pressure groups, landowners, authorities and local government bodies that may have a direct or indirect effect upon mountain biking in the Peak District National Park.
  5. To research and record, by whatever means possible, mountain bike usage, its economic impact and potential within the Peak District National Park and to publicise and disseminate this information through appropriate means.
  6. To help promote the Peak District as a premier location for mountain biking.
Each member of the committee will be focusing on one of these and with support from the other committee members and supporters we will aim to report back on all activities in line with these six key strategies.