Cave Dale, Jacobs Ladder, DCC Maintenance Update 22/9/2022

Cave Dale – Castleton
In January, following our campaign for a proper level of detail and consultation from the council, we were assured DCC would “prepare much more detailed plans for our proposals so they can be reviewed and taken through the approvals process.” (The typical approval process including consultation with the LAF.) We are currently seeking clarification on their progress with this, though we are concerned they may have turned-tail on this, as they’re scheduling dates for the works.
We’re still awaiting a further response from DCC (as of 22/9) having sought more detail on 28/8. This is in contrast to their previously prompt responses at the time of our earlier campaign. Though we also hear other organisations are struggling with DCC’s responsiveness of late.
Works due Autumn 2022, dates not finalised (as of 18/8).

Jacobs Ladder – Stoney Middleton
Repairs earlier this year to this White Peak track seem to have been limited to filling a couple of very deep ruts (bike size) towards the bottom. Clearing drains and removing some old kurb stones off the track. We see this as a good attempt at something less full-on than what we have previously seen.

Jacobs Ladder – Edale
Plans have been provided, showing limited work will be done in a few areas. This includes “stone pitching”, which we are seeking further details on. DCC are working in conjunction with the National Trust. We’ve been invited to, and will be attending, a site visit to review and discuss plans at the end of September.
Works due Autumn 2022, some parts below the bridge have been started, with improvements made to gates.

Additionally many path maintenance works are also planned by DCC in 2022/2023, below are our ones of primary concern for which we will seek more details:

Potato Alley (Blackley Hey) & The Roman Road – Hope, Ladybower
Potato Alley : “Hope BW32 Phase 1, Low Barn to Hope Cross, Resurfacing and drainage repairs to badly worn bridleway.”
Roman Road (Hope) : “Hope BW32 Phase 2, Brinks Road to Hopes Cross, Survey required, Resurfacing badly rutted bridleway.”
More details & date TBC.

Hollins Cross to Castleton – Castleton
“Castleton BW22 from Hollowford Road to Hollins Cross, stone pitching.”
Only in the ~100m gulley at the bottom(?) and continuing on the footpath.
More details & date TBC

Kinder Reservoir – Hayfield
“Hayfield BW 47, Kinder Reservoir, Detailed survey required.”
We’re not sure if this is both sides.
More details & date TBC

This information was sourced from the following document published by DCC:
DCC 2022-23 Highways Capital Programme (Section 01.07, Rights of Way, Page 11):

Locations can for the listed paths be found through their map, by turning on the Public Rights of Way layers and clicking the path lines will show the ‘PROW_LABEL’ with the Parish and path number :

We can’t know all the region’s paths, so if you find others on this list you think we should also seek more details on, please email to let us know, ideally with pictures of the current state and character.

22 September 2022