Peak District mountain bike advocacy

Advocacy and Responsible Riding

Sometimes it seems to be an impossible balancing act, championing the rights of mountain bikers and pushing for increased responsibility versus the push back from other interested parties when they challenge us for being irresponsible mountain bikers who tear up the landscape.

Whatever we say, as an advocacy group, we will irritate someone, whether that be driving for upgrades to routes to allow us to ride further or pointing out that the behaviour of some mountain bikers are doing none of us any favours.

We work closely with our friend and mountain bike fellow advocate, Keeper of the Peak (@kofthep on Twitter – well worth following for trail updates), and this matter has clearly caused him to put finger to keyboard.

It’s an interesting read, whether you agree or not it should present a little food for thought, especially in light of a major cycle brand, once again, videoing a sponsored rider ripping up tracks that will cause us, once again, to be on the back foot and in defensive mode rather than fighting for the right to ride these areas with the permission and support of landowners and other groups.

To win this access we have to be intelligent about how we behave, over to Keeper of the Peak: click here

20 July 2017