Avoid riding near farms and houses on to the east of Ladybower

We’ve been asked by the National Trust to pass on their request for riders to avoid riding around the houses and farms on the east bank of Ladybower. You see them on your left as you ride south from the visitors centre towards the slab climb that leads up to Winstone Lee Tor.

There’s no bridleway access around these farms and they have tenants living in these houses who find people venturing into their yards, particularly at night, a bit unsettling, especially given they are in a pretty remote location. There are no bridleways around that area but the bridleway further down the reservoir is a great climb and descent so we’d recommend sticking to that.

If you do end up on a route less travelled, particularly at night, try to avoid passing through farms and homes when you can!

Here’s a link to a map of the area in question >

Here is the area in Google street view >

29 May 2018