Cutthroat Maintenance Consultation – Update

Moors for the Future Partnership are currently carrying out maintenance on the permissive footpath running along Derwent Edge from Whinstone Lee Tor. Back in October we reported how they would also be working on the nearby Cutthroat bridleway and were keen to consult with Peak District MTB on how these works would be carried out (click here for more).

We’ve heard from Moors for the Future that the bridleway repairs have been put on hold until Autumn 2015 and hence the consultation is also on hold.


The commissioning of archaeological investigations has revealed several features of interest that have necessitated a pause in the planning process whilst more detailed investigations are arranged. This has of course impacted the schedule and we’re unlikely to hear what the new timeline is – and when the consultation takes place – until the New Year.

We will of course update you when we know more details but if you want to learn more about Moors for the Future Partnership check out their website (click here).

21 December 2014