e-bike Study – can you help?

Can you help with some e-bike research?

Jim Cherrington, a researcher from Sheffield Hallam University, is looking to recruit participants for a study which examines people’s experience with e-mountain bikes, and the social, cultural, and political implications of this emerging technology. Throughout the study he will also be addressing wider environmental issues and concerns, as well as the impact of such technological developments on our relation both to and with our ‘natural’ environments.

In order to explore these issues he is inviting anyone who currently owns an e-mountain bike and lives in England, to take part in an informal interview either in person or over ‘Zoom’, depending on your preference and location (and subject to changing government guidelines regarding Covid-19). The interview will last approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour, although the length of interview is entirely dependent on the amount of time that you are willing to offer.

Anyone who is interested should contact Jim Cherrington directly at: j.cherrington@shu.ac.uk

11 July 2020