Lockerbrook bridleway forestry works closure update – 9/2023

Forestry England have been back in touch with an update on what’s going on on the Lockerbrook / Gores bridleway near Ladybower.

A number of you have been in touch regarding the work and access up there, and though throughout we’ve had good contact with FE and we’ve shared those updates, there’s still been a lot of heresay and quite lively reaction to the work being done.

We’re going to cover of some of the things discussed online in relation to Lockerbrook and the Aston BW in a separate article, but for now, we’ll simply share what Clixby’s are doing up there on behalf of Forestry England. Please share this when you see the work being discussed, as a big part of our good relations with FE comes from us doing our bit within the community.

So what have they said?
Well, despite the wire being left up, Lockerbrook is open at weekends. There is some concern at the moment that the weather we’re getting may lead to the work being postponed, but they’re very reluctant do go down this route as the work has been delayed for five years already.

There are still plans to review the work done on the bridleway once the work is completed and we’re assured that local stone has been used so it should blend in. Water pipes will remain in place to aid drainage in future and these will obviously require some remedial work to install. Obviously there are still some questions over the width of the trail but we have to remember that this is an active forest and despite our vocal calls; we’re stil pretty low down the pecking order when it comes to influencing how things are done.

A wise man once said “we’ve made a sport out of riding dilapidated paths”, our task here is to retain some interest on what could otherwise become a gravel billiard table. And a high speed one at that.

We did, however, ask about increased access. Despite the complex nature of land ownership, this debate is opening up with them and having seen foresters make it work elsewhere, we’re ambitious in this space and will keep pushing.

FE continue to be open to us chatting with them and transparent in what’s going on. We’ll keep talking to them for you and pushing the Working Together approach.
Help always welcome!

UPDATE 11/10/2023 – Lockerbrook latest:
– As the wet autumn weather has rolled in, work has been paused on the hill as the site is too wet
– Work will resume in spring
– The closure will be lifted in the coming week
As anticipated, the wet weather has brought an early pause in forestry works on Lockerbrook Heights, and contractors working on behalf of Forestry England have pulled out until ground conditions improve in spring.
FE are expecting the surface to bed in, though it is currently very wet. This surface has been put in solely for the forestry ops and it will be reviewed after they are completed.
“We’ve already talked about our hopes to engage FE in a debate about other access available on the hill,” says Peak District MTB chair Chris Maloney, who is leading on the discussion with FE “They’re open to this – and our contacts there are all very experienced in establishing mountain bike provision in sites elsewhere so they know how the community can help; we’re looking forward to seeing where this goes.”
We’ll keep you informed.

The recent state can be seen in this video (10/10/2023) posted by D. Vincent (credit above image) on our Facebook group.

25 September 2023