Peak District MTB and Experience Community

We were contacted by Craig Grimes of Experience Community CIC a few weeks ago asking if anyone from Peak District MTB would be able to accompany him, and a group of Mountain Trike users, around the Longshaw estate on one of their rambles.

Step forward Esther Hobson, James Dalby and Paul Richardson who met up with the group of Mountain Trikers at the café on the National Trust estate at 11am on Sunday for a ramble around the estate.

The Mountain Trikes used by the group are an engineering marvel in themselves and, just like mountain bikes, they are also subject to upgrades, tweaks and adaptations. The riders, however, ranged from newbies trying out the trikes to those significantly more proficient in their handling capabilities.

Ably guided by one of Longshaw Estate’s rangers, we covered just over 3 miles with a few stops to allow everyone to regroup, to look at hairy ants, deer prints, amazing scenery and to have lunch. We only had one spill and that was during a bit of competitive downhilling between two gents who were old enough to know better!!

The capability of the riders and the trikes was amazing, they tackled the rough and rugged terrain with determination and, as Craig was at pains to point out, the variety of terrain was important to allow progression and challenge for all riders. Craig is always looking for volunteers to come on his rambles and reckies. You can help by opening gates and help at road crossings, help people over difficult terrain and deal with any emergencies (like helping the competitive men who fall out of their trikes whilst razzing it down hills) and a knowledge of how bikes work could be helpful as they get all the usual mechanicals. They will even let you have a go, if you’re brave enough!

And, like every proper mountain bike ride, it ended with tea and cakes at the cafe.

A big thanks to the traffic lemmings Esther and James for fearlessly managing the road crossings, to our excellent National Trust Ranger and guide, and to Craig for asking us to come along to what was a brilliant day. It was a very friendly group and having like minded outdoors people really helps give people confidence to get out and enjoy themselves. This group definitely enjoyed the challenge that the Longshaw estate offered and were attracted to it specifically because it wasn’t a concrete urban jungle: they want the barriers to getting out in the outdoors removed, not the beauty and the challenge that the outdoors offers.

This summed it up for those of us helping: one lady whose training for the marathon in her trike said: “My trike cost me four thousand pounds but if that’s how much it costs so I can get out and have fun in the outdoors, then it’s worth every penny.”

Here’s the website if you want to offer your services: click here

18 May 2015