Trail builders wanted for research project

Do you build mountain bike trails? Will you help mountain bike advocacy by taking part in research regarding the motivations and experiences of MTB trail builders?

Jim Cherrington – researcher and lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University – is recruiting participants to take part in a study around the experiences and motivations of people who build mountain bike trails in England. Mr Cherrington is specifically interested in trail builders’ relationships with nature and dirt, and the tensions that exist between building trails and public access.

At Peak District MTB we’re very interested in the output of this research, since it could provide valuable data to help shape the way we approach mountain bike advocacy in the future.

Mr Cherrington says:
“As well as being published in academic publications, the contributions made by participants will also contribute to debates about mountain bike access in England, and I am fortunate to have had a great deal of interest from mountain bike advocacy groups who are keen to use this information to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers across the country.

“Participants would be required to take part in an informal 30-60 minute interview regarding the issues listed above, which would take place either in person (depending on location) or over the phone, and the identity of anyone involved will remain strictly confidential.”

If you are interested in taking part in this research, please contact Mr Cherrington via email or via Twitter @JCheggs84.

16 January 2018