Whinstone Lee Tor

We’ve been approached by the land manager of the Moscar Estate that owns the land around Whinstone Lee Tor. They are concerned about mountain bikers riding directly south from Whinstone Lee Tor towards Ladybower. Bikers call this route Les Arcs / Mono / Alpine / Telegraph. We do know that many riders aren’t aware of the status of this route. This isn’t a bridleway, in fact, there’s no footpath there either but you have the right to walk there because it’s open access land (areas where you have the right to roam on foot but not with bikes). Please consider this and let your riding buddies know.

There is a great alternative route on the bridleway (we’ve been crafting a great line) that heads left at Whinstone Lee Tor and down towards Cutthroat Bridge then winds its way through the nature reserve to the Ladybower Inn. Here it is with some handy photos to show you where to go. The signposts up there are really unhelpful. We have raised this problem with the national park authorities (click here to view the map).

The land manager’s concerns are about the impact of bikes on the surface of the route and also the experience of walkers using the route given it is steep and parts of the path lack clear lines of sight.

It’s Peak District MTB’s policy to pass on information like this to our members and make people aware of this kind of thing. If you want to read more about Peak District MTB’s thoughts on cheeky riding, have a look at this article (click here).

Here’s the view looking towards the footpath (with the bridleway down to Ladybower behind)

Here’s what the footpaths and bridleways look like on the ground looking from Whinstone Lee Tor.

Peak District MTB won’t promote riding on the this route (Les Arcs / Mono / Alpine / Telegraph) and this is why we will not allow videos or photos of this route on our website or Facebook page.

8 January 2018