Whinstone Lee Tor Bridleway Maintenance 10-2018

Peak District MTB volunteers have again been out maintaining the bridleways of the Peak District. Working on the Whinstone Lee Tor to Cutthroat bridge bridleway in the north of the park. It is over two years since we last worked on the route, although it is one we have extensively worked on before.

Worked focused on repairing damage caused by surface erosion following the extensive snow-melt from last winter. Further adding to the work we had previously carried out, which looks to have taken well. But as always there is more to do.

It was the first outing of the new trailer to help us carry tools to site. Previously we have had to walk and carry tools into a site. The aim for the trailer is to reduce the time it takes to get to/from a site. In the future, it will enable us to do a day of checking previously maintained locations and clearing drains, checking how things are working.

We will be working on the Whinstone Lee Tor to Cutthroat Bridleway next Thursday (22 November 2018) and for the next couple of dig days. So if you want to get involved send us a message or see more information here: https://peakdistrictmtb.org/next-dig-day-dates-on-whinstone-lee-tor/

Thank you for all your feedback on the work we do as volunteers, it is greatly appreciated. And remember, if you like the work we do, but cannot attend dig days, and you want to support the work we do, then please consider donating.

18 November 2018