AGM 2020 – We want your help

Our 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 26th November. Any signed-up member can attend, and we’d love you to come along to our virtual event. We’ll be emailing out more info soon. If you’re not yet a member sign up here.

2020 has been a strange year with the COVID crisis putting the brakes on a lot of our regular trail maintenance work. However, we’ve been busy campaigning across the Peak District for more access for mountain biking.

We’d like to help you get more involved in improving mountain biking in the Peak District.

Are there riding spots local to you that are ripe for more, better and legitimate mountain bike access? Do you want to get involved in your local area to improve things for mountain bikers and mountain biking? We really want to hear from you. At our AGM we’ll be talking about the strategies we’ve successfully used to get the right kind of conversations and the right kind of initiatives going with land owners and land managers. We want to empower you to do the same in your local area.

This year the AGM will be virtual. Any signed-up member can attend, and if you’re not yet a member please sign up here. We’ll be sending out more info soon.




11 November 2020