Bakewell Golf Course downhill – what’s going on?

There have been rumours circulating that Derbyshire County Council are about to set-to on the right of way that descends through the woods above Bakewell Golf Course. This is a popular trail in the White Peak and its less than smooth – and often muddy – surface makes for a fun descent (I confess I’ve never tried riding up it but I’m sure that’s great fun too).

We asked Rob Greatorex of DCC – he who headed up the Rushup Edge works – what plans were in place. Mr Greatorex confirmed that DCC are planning some maintenance work but it is only just being put into the budget so – in theory – is some way off. DCC class it as a dangerous route and plan to fill it with type 1 material. Whether that is going to work on what is quite a steep trail remains in some doubt.


The Peak District National Park Authority have organised 2 volunteer days on this bridleway so far, cutting back vegetation and removing fallen trees. They’re waiting for conditions to dry out before carrying out more maintenance and we’ve offered our assistance. Keep an eye on the Facebook Group page and Twitter for upcoming dates.

Our very own trails liaison James Irwin is meeting this Thursday with Mike Rhodes of PDNPA and Peak Horsepower amongst other to talk about wider trail maintenance volunteer work. We’ll let you know the outcome of that since we could be looking for volunteers from our membership.

8 March 2015