Cut Gate work underway and looking promising

The first pictures of the work on Cut Gate have been sent to us by our partners at Moors for the Future and it’s fair to say we’re quite pleased with the result!

Way back in what seems like another age, you told us that if the bog of doom were to be patched up, you’d like to see sensitive stone flagging and pitch work. Well, if the pics we’ve seen are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed. The pics we’ve been sent show the work in progress on both Cut Gate and North America as materials are helicoptered in to finish off activity started last year. All very exciting, but perhaps the most rewarding pic is of the Bog of Doom itself.

We had to look twice to work out exactly where this was – but you can see it’s the bog as you’re heading up to Cut Gate from Langsett, just at the point where you’d begin dropping down to the muddy crossing. Work on North America is underway too with Moors for the Future seeking to finish the work they’ve started already.

“When we started the Cut Gate project alongside Ride Sheffield there was obviously some level of trepidation about how getting something done could change the path,” says Chris Maloney, committee member of Peak District MTB, and Keeper of the Peak on twitter. “But from the start, an absolutely essential thing to get in place was close relationships with important partners. And Moors For The Future were keen to hear our thoughts from square one and really open to what mountain bikers wanted from Cut Gate.

“They’ve been brilliant all the way through.”

“The path is regularly in the top 10 of best paths in the UK to ride, so we were keen to ensure that they understood that – and they did, coming along to our meetings and listening to what we as mountain bikers would like to see,” adds Chris. “And looking at these photos, we’re really pleased with how the Cut Gate work is going. And there are helicopters too – who said advocacy was boring?”

Funded through efforts from a wide range of groups – including significant sums from the horse riding groups and great support from walkers has been vital too and their input and help has been really valuable, and has laid good foundations in relationships for the future.

Si from Ride Sheffield and 18 Bikes will be heading up to have a look at how the work is coming on but it’s looking good from what we’ve seen so far. Keep an eye on the updates online.
Thanks for your support – see you up there when we can get out to celebrate!

Photos courtesy of Moors for the Future Partnership

8 February 2021