DCC Bamford Clough BOAT consultation: Others’ Responses

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) recently consulted with user groups on their proposal to implement an Experimental Traffic Order of a one-way uphill traffic restriction on Bamford Clough, a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) right of way in Bamford, Hope Valley. Some other organisations responses are detailed below:

Cycling UK
Extract : “We suggest that it cannot be right or fair for users to be penalised and restricted due to local authority errors and lack of consultation prior to resurfacing. … As such, we cannot support the proposed ETRO in its current form without modification to remove the restriction on all vehicles so as to permit non-mechanically propelled vehicles and/or bicycles to travel in both directions.”
Full Response : Road Traffic Regulation Order Bamford Clough Bamford Experimental One Way Order [PDF]

Peak Horse Power
“PHP is objecting to the proposed ETRO because it will not restore access to riders or carriage drivers. We are arguing (again) that the way to restore equestrian use is: to a) remove the
tarmac and replace it with a more suitable surface or lay a pitched stone strip down the centre of the track; and b) bring in a TRO excluding motor vehicles in both directions at all times. We
are also pointing out (again) that as the route is a Byway Open to all Traffic, in law the majority user is ‘persons on foot or horseback’, not motor vehicles. At present DCC is trying to manage the route as though it were an ordinary road, which it is not.” – Newsletter Summer 2022 (Page 6) [PDF]

Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council
“…the parish council does not support their proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to make Bamford Clough one-way only (once it reopens), and that we instead wish there to be a TRO prohibiting all motorised traffic in both directions.” – Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council, Facebook

23 August 2022