DCC publish an intent to undertake £70k of work on the ‘Roman Road’

According to the information published by DCC on their website, and from a brief email exchange with Peter White, Rights of Way Officer at DCC, it seems that they are “planning to carry out some improvements to Hope Public Bridleway 32.”. The value of the work on the DCC website is stated as £70,000, which would indicate that the works are likely to be significant.

This is a link to the relevant page on the DCC website, It is item 11 on the agenda, then go to pages 24 & 50 of the appendices for the specific information:

This is a link to the map that identifies Hope Public Bridleway 32:

A number of the committee have ridden this route recently and it is in need of some repair, there have been drainage issues at the top for a long time, where the track has become widened by all users trying to avoid the ever widening mud and pools. It is a route used by farmers to access pastures and Crookstone Barn at the top of the trail so it does seem justified to undertake some repair work, it is the nature of the works that could be a cause for concern.

It was observed that a farmer accessing the higher pastures on 9/10 May was doing so in a 4×4 tractor with a track wider than many parts of the route and this was breaking up the soil at the edges of the track. Whether the widening of the track to accommodate larger vehicles is part of the proposed works we do not know.

Of greatest concern to us at the moment was that one of the team from Peak District MTB was attending a meeting recently when road planings was mentioned as a possible surfacing material. We believe that this would be wholly incongruous to the landscape and the historic nature of the road.

In Peter White’s email response to PDMTB he states: “We are at a very early stage and we will be consulting on the proposals sometime over the next year.”

Because this is a very popular route, we would appreciate any information that may indicate work starting on this route. Let’s hope that the consultations will include all user groups and that he will not be inclined to seek out user groups in order to support his preferred option regarding repairs. We will continue to request information regarding the intended works to this route.

19 May 2016