Derbyshire County Council Rights of Way Maintenance Plan 2013/14

When we met with Derbyshire County Council last month we asked for details on the rights of way for which maintenance is scheduled. Peter White – the rights of way officer – confirmed that all maintenance for 2013/14 is underway and in most cases nearing completion, with the exception of Chapelgate which will be done later in the year.

A copy of Derbyshire CC’s action plan for the 2013/14 green lane maintenance can be viewed 2013_14_derbyshire_cc_management_green_lanes_cabinet_report.

It’s worth remembering that whilst the 2013/14 plan is set in stone, we still have opportunity to influence the plans for 2014/15. Please let us know which routes you’d like to see us working with Derbyshire CC on; we can hopefully influence the decision makers to ensure maintenance is done as sympathetically as possible for mountain bikers and indeed all users.

12 April 2014