MTB advocacy and the government’s new agriculture bill

On Wednesday 12th September the government announced their new agriculture bill. What does this mean for mountain biking?

“…the (new) Agriculture Bill could spell out good news for off-road cycling. It places financial support for improved countryside access front and centre of its proposals.”

Source: Cycling UK

Cycling UK launched their “Get On My Land” campaign earlier this year which is all about linking public subsidies with public access, to enable more people to enjoy and experience the fantastic countryside.

All this could ultimately mean more mountain biking rights of way BUT we have to show our collective advocacy might, otherwise this could just be more footpaths. A win with the Cut Gate campaign will be a huge step in showing powerful organisations like the Ramblers that we want our voices heard too.

So what can you do?

Get behind your local MTB advocacy group, be that Peak District MTB, Ride Kirklees, Ride Sheffield or any of the others cropping up across the country. Your social media likes and shares are always welcome, but they’re only a small part of what’s needed. Volunteer on dig days. Lobby your local councillor. Put your support behind Cut Gate via the newly launched crowd funding campaign.

Be an active part of the growing MTB advocacy scene and we will be collectively more successful in getting more riding access. 

You can sign up to be a Peak District MTB member here.

15 September 2018