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Cut Gate – Mend Our Mountains

It’s a dark peak classic route, it could be said that it is a nationally recognised classic route. But as anyone who is a regular rider in the Peak will know, for most of the time it is a bog. It rides really well when it’s baked hard or frozen solid, at other times it’s an axle deep peat bog.

What if we said there were plans afoot to make it rideable most of the time? That would open up some amazing riding to more people more of the time and spell and end to the Bog of Doom, Notorious B.O.G. Snoop Boggy Bog, whatever you want to call it! Sound too good to be true, well we can do something to help, in fact, You can.

We’ve been working with Ride Sheffield, Keeper of the Peak and PDNPA to get the route nominated as part of the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains campaign. And, they have adopted it. This means we now have the backing from one of the most respected outdoor associations in the UK to make it happen.

But now we need your help

It’s no small job, we’re trying to raise a total of £75,000 to patch up the bogs, and to do it sensitively. It does feel like a big target, but it’s worth it, and we can do it.

Please share this with everyone you know about it, walkers, horse riders as well as mountain bikers, we will all get a better trail if everyone pulls together. And, get them to support it however they can! We need anything and everything people are able to contribute: cash, sponsorship, promotion, moral support, and that’s not an exhaustive list. But mainly we will need money. Please chip in what you can.

This is going to be a big project for some time so, if you want us to stop, you’ll have to help us reach the total, then we can get to work.

For more information visit the Cut Gate Mend our Mountains page on the BMC website here >

The planned maintenance work would be organised and overseen on the ground by Moors for the Future partnership, who did some highly regarded restoration work on sections of Cut Gate 10 years ago. See the page on their 2007-2008 Cut Gate repair for the sort of maintenance work we expect to see.

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15 November 2017