Paddock Farm access issues near the Roaches

The permissive bridleway past Paddock Farm near the Roaches had its permissive status removed earlier this year. Please help us maintain positive relationships with landowners in the area by not using this section.

Paddock Farm is on the west of the Roaches Estate near Danebridge. The footpath past Paddock Farm connects Swythamley with the Roaches estate above Gradbach (see map). This footpath had permissive bridleway status for many years and featured on a local MTB route called ‘Wallabies Revenge’. Unfortunately, due to increased use – especially at night – the owner has successfully had the permissive bridleway status removed. This has affected cycle and horse access into the Roaches estate from the Cheshire side.

Cyclists and horse riders are still attempting to use this footpath which is causing tension with local landowners and may impact our ability to negotiate and maintain other permissive rights of way in the area. We ask you please to respect that this footpath should not be used for cycling whilst the permissive status is removed. No cycling signs and locked gates are in situ.

We’ll let you know if the situation changes.

You can still do circular routes on the Roaches estate using the new permissive cycleway we negotiated with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust late last year.


3 October 2019