Cut Gate site visit Sept 2019

Cut Gate – all looking good for October

The repairs to the Cut Gate path, for which the mountain bike community drove huge fund-raising efforts, are scheduled to start at the end of October and the plans are reassuring.

Cut Gate is a classic Peak District trail that has suffered over the years due to the passage of many feet, wheels and hooves. Mountain bikers brought multiple groups together to talk about how to fix the Cut Gate path, resulting in a monumental £74,000 fund-raising effort as part of the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains campaign. Peak District MTB’s Chris Maloney (AKA Keeper of the Peak) and Ride Sheffield‘s Si Bowns drove this effort.

Si was up on Cut Gate earlier to discuss the plans with Terra Firma and Moors for the Future. The discussions left Si reassured that the end result will be a positive one. We’ll share more details on the plans as soon as we can over the coming weeks.

The work is due to commence end of October and should be finished in March 2020. We’re delighted that the work is scheduled and once more must thank you – the mountain biking community – for supporting this landmark project for mountain-biking advocacy.

18 September 2019