The Peak District MTB maintenance team working on Whinstone Lee Tor

Peak District Trail Maintenance Update

As you may be aware we get stuck into a lot of maintenance on the rights of network in the Peak District, everything from rebuilding drains on bridleways through to re-affirming the lines on widening tracks, all with the intention of keeping the tracks and trails open and in the best condition possible.

To do this we have our maintenance guru and chief shovel expert James Irwin who plans our maintenance days and organises the team of volunteers with agreement from the Peak District National Park Ranger Services, with whom we work closely.

For the last couple of years we had been working alongside a Peak Park Ranger when we have been working on the trails but, due to the success of last year’s work we were offered the opportunity to be fully autonomous in the work we undertake. We are now in a position to be able to risk assess/plan and carry out all of our own work, which frees us from the inevitable restrictions caused by the availability of a Ranger to accompany us. This will enable us to be much more dynamic in how we identify and work on maintenance projects.

Peak District MTB volunteers working on Mam Tor

This has meant that James is now busy making plans for the next six months of Peak District MTB trail maintenance days and as soon as we have the plan we’ll let you know.

Amongst these are two routes we are super excited about as they will involve building new sections of trail, requiring a lot of manpower – something we will need your support with.

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8 September 2017