Potential footpath upgrades in Derbyshire

We have been approached by Derbyshire County Council for comments on two potential footpath upgrades.

The first footpath is known a Footpath No. 2 in the Parish of Abney and Abney Grange, for those that know the area the footpath runs across Abney Moor linking Abney to Brough Lane.

More info on the DCC website: https://apps.derbyshire.gov.uk/applications/right-of-way/details.asp?appID=04358  

The original application was submitted in May 2019, so its not a quick process.  A considerable amount of work has gone into submitting the application including provision of the Brough and Shatton Enclosure Award of 1850 and the 1949 Rights of Way Schedule.

The second footpath suggested for upgrade is just out of the Peak District. This relates to two footpaths known as Footpaths No. 77 and 78 (Part) in the Parish of Ashover.  For those who know the area this links the A615 opposite Dewy Lane (Dewdale Farm) and Highoredish Picnic Site.

More info on the DCC website: https://apps.derbyshire.gov.uk/applications/right-of-way/details.asp?appID=04341 

Again the original application was submitted in May 2019. Again, the applicant has undertaken a considerable amount of research including a copy of the Lea Manor Enclosure Award from 1776 to 1779.

Whilst we will always support these applications, there are a number of hurdles still to cross including additional research to be undertaken by the County Council, reports to Committee, more consultation and appeals so it could be a number of years before either of these paths are upgraded, buts it’s a start! 

Featured image is the Abney footpath.

21 October 2021