Rushup Edge

Update on Rushup Edge

The work currently being undertaken is from the start of the bridleway (was a Byway) from the main Rushup Edge Road (093 826) and it has reached the small gate (close to 099 829) just before the connection to the joining of the routes from Chapel Gate and over the top of Rushup Edge (the boggy one).

I have been up there this morning and there was a large container with machinery inside, a DCC Highways Transit pickup with 2 men inside and signs on the bridleway advising of delays. As you will see from the images, there is a stream of muddy rainwater washing down the road and draining down the Roych.

When I arrived at the layby I approached the DCC Highways pick up and confirmed the following information with them.

This work is official work being carried out by DDC Highways Department and that the scope of works was to “flatten” the route using the large aggregate currently in place and then to have some form of top surface applied to connect with the work already done on Chapel Gate. I asked what type of surface would be used but their response was that “he had not told them”.

At this point I decided to see for myself just how far the work had gone.

It starts just after the gate and runs along the bridleway right up to the top of the gradient where there is a small gate, just before the joining of the main Rushup Edge trail and the link to Chapel Gate.

All of the bedrock stone steps have been filled with fist sized aggregate to create a relatively level surface

I went back to the van after walking the route asked who was in charge of this work, they obfuscated and asked who I was to be making this enquiry. I explained that I was a local resident and member of PDMTB. At this point they deferred all further information to a gentle man called Rob Greatorex of DCC whom they advised was running this project.

24 October 2014