Bridleway maintenance in Staffordshire – can you help?

UPDATED 11th September 2020

An update from Staffordshire Moorlands Bridleways:

The clearance work at the above location has gone so well over the last couple of days (Thursday/Friday) that we have decided to cancel the meet on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you to all those who were planning to come and support us, maybe we can rely on your muscle on a future date.
Please keep an eye on group Facebook page for photos of the work completed and possible dates for another meet. There is a gate installation and some drainage work still to do but on the whole it has been a big success due to the efforts and enthusiasm of the volunteers.
Please spread the word that the event is cancelled this weekend
Thanks Christine, Josie and Flick

Staffordshire Moorlands Bridleways group have arranged trail maintenance near Sheen in the Staffordshire Peak District between 10th – 13th September and are looking for volunteers. Can you help?

Sheen bridleway 15 (BW15) lies between Sheen and Brund in the beautiful Staffordshire Peak District near Hartington. The area doesn’t have a huge interconnected network of rights of way for cyclists but it’s not far from the epic South Peak Loop. Sheen BW15 has been difficult to access for many years due to the landowner padlocking the gate and has since become overgrown and in need of TLC. The objective is to remove the blockages, obstructions and overgrown vegetation and return this trail to something we can all use after 30 years of restricted access.

Staffordshire Moorlands Bridleways Group (SMBG) are a great group, campaigning for more and better access across the Staffordshire Peak District. They’ve been the driving force behind the submission to get the Roaches Paddock Farm track upgraded for horse and cycle access, with countless hours spent studying county records from as far back as the 19th century to support the claim.

If you can help for a couple of hours, a full day or even all four days then SMBG would love to hear from you. The group will be meeting at 10am each day at the Staffordshire Knot Inn in Sheen and ask that you bring enthusiasm and whatever tools you have available (hedge cutters, loppers etc). This maintenance  work is being done with full support from the local Council and the British Horse Society, and the bridleway is plenty big enough to ensure social distancing. Please wear suitable clothing and sturdy shoes, and bring some gardening gloves.

Ensuring rights of way are not “lost” is as much a part of Project 22% as is claiming new rights of way, so we hope some of you can help out. We’ll be starting up our trail maintenance programme again soon, so this is a good opportunity to get back in the swing of things.

SMBG are hoping to arrange refreshments so are looking to confirm numbers for each day. Please email Josie at Staffordshire Moorlands Bridleways Group if you can get involved.


Photo courtesy of Flick Edmeston

27 August 2020