Passing the baton: We’ve got a new chair!

Just a few short years ago there was very little representation of mountain bikers with the decision making bodies in the Peak District. With no voice, our views were not aired, our opinions not shared and our take on things completely overlooked. Today that’s very different, but it wasn’t that long ago that we had […]

Meet the Team – James Irwin

James Irwin is a founding member of Peak District MTB. He’s also our trail maintenance expert and has worked hard for years to improve some of our favourite bridleways and byways. Those of you who have ridden in the Dark Peak will have definitely ridden over some of his handiwork. So James, you were one […]

Meet the Team – Esther Hobson

Another in our series about the committee members of Peak District MTB, this time the spotlight is on Esther Hobson. WHY DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH PEAK DISTRICT MTB? When works started on Rushup Edge I was upset that our beautiful countryside could be irreparably changed for no reason. I was so incensed that I […]

Peak District MTB AGM Minutes

We held our 2016 AGM last week 22nd September in Hope, attracting a broad range of members to hear what we’ve been up to over the last year and to talk about what we should be doing next. Thanks to all those who attended and for the great feedback and interesting discussions. Thanks also to […]