DCC’s disappointing decision on Rushup Edge repairs

Derbyshire County Council met last week and on the agenda (near the bottom) was making a decision on what to do with the postponed Rushup Edge repairs. For some background click here.

It’s disappointing but perhaps unsurprising that they intend to continue with their original plans.

DCC seem satisfied that they have now consulted and can come to an informed decision about Rushup. You can read their summary of the consultation here. What is blatantly apparent to anyone who has followed this saga is that they have completely mis-represented the views of those consulted and instead have chosen to present an unbalanced view of the results. Mountain bikers in particular come out as the only objectors which we know is simply not the case.

“Most of the views received through the consultation supported the work that was started, apart from mountain biking groups who are strongly opposed to the work.” 1

What is most disappointing is not that Rushup Edge repairs will continue as planned, but the fact that having persuaded DCC to follow the consultation process they have then publicly misrepresented the views of those consulted.


22 November 2015