Hollinsclough trail closures extended until at least 2021

The Emergency Temporary Traffic Management Order (TTRO) on Hollinsclough rakes has been extended for another 18 months to September 2021. This means the rocky and technical Swan Rake and Limer Rake are still officially closed.

The original closure notice expired on September 2nd 2018 and was extended until March 2020. It has since been extended further with Staffordshire County Council stating:

“The order will remain in force for another period of 18 months or until the danger to users of Limers Rake and Swan Rake, Hollinsclough has been removed, whichever is the earlier.”

Both routes are rocky and technical and have been an esoteric challenge for mountain bikers over the years. They have not been navigable highways for anything other than extremely capable off-roaders for many years, and it’s hard to see how Staffordshire County Council could cost-effectively remove the “danger to users” other than continuing the closure indefinitely.

See our article from September 2018 for more info about this quiet corner of the Peak District that has some very technical mountain biking, unfortunately much of which is on closed trails.

You can view the renewed closure notice here: Fifth Notice dated 26 Feb 2020

26 July 2020