DCC’s Rushup Edge report to cabinet – our official response

Many months have passed since the Rushup Edge resurfacing debacle kicked off last October. There have been various twists and turns reported in depth on our website, discussed at length on our Facebook page, Singletrackworld and many other websites, even radio and press.

Derbyshire County Council are meeting this coming Tuesday July 7th to discuss what to do next with Rushup Edge. The report prepared by DCC that will lead the discussion was made available to us last week.

As you may have read we’re disappointed with the mis-representations made in this report and have now submitted our formal response to DCC and to the press.

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We’re not sure what will happen on Tuesday and whether it will be good, bad or indifferent. It’s been a long process to get even this far and the cabinet meeting is only one more step along this arduous road (pun very much intended).

Thanks for coming along for the ride with us so far.

5 July 2015