Map showing the contested route

Survey – Rushup Edge Consultation

The recent trail maintenance saga on Rushup Edge has been well documented here and across the web, but we’ve felt very disappointed with the response to our concerns from Derbyshire County Council. The “copy and paste” statement went out to hundreds if not thousands of concerned trail users, but we spotted several issues with the statement that we’d like to share. We will soon present our evidence in response to DCC’s claims about the work on Rushup Edge (Chapel Gate).

For clarification, this is the part of the route we have referred to as Rushup Edge:
You can read DCC’s response here.

Survey (now closed)

In the meantime we offer you the chance to have your say by filling in an important survey. The aim is gather more data on the trail maintenance approach by DCC and hopefully challenge their claims and assumptions about what people want from these high moorland trails and help influence the works they do in the future.

Please support us by circulating this survey so we can gather as much data as possible to help us convince Derbyshire County Council that their level of consultation on trail maintenance is currently inadequate.

We echo the Peak District National Park Authority’s call on DCC to halt works on Rushup Edge – and planned similar works – and engage in full and proper consultation with PDNPA, the Local Access Forum and all user groups.

11 November 2014