What’s the latest with Rushup Edge?

Nearly 3 weeks ago mountain bikers learnt of the flattening of a classic mountain bike trail on Rushup Edge. Our expectations that this was Derbyshire County Council at work were soon confirmed.

This was the zenith of a storm that had been brewing for a number of years – the straw that broke the camel’s back – and a picnic protest was arranged to show our displeasure.

Since then the Rushup saga has seen a huge amount of interest from the media, authorities, politicians and of course the people who live in or visit the Peak District to enjoy these trails.

Peak District MTB has had some amazing support from across the board, including Singletrack magazine, Ride Sheffield, Keeper of the Peak, the BMC, Friends of the Peak District and even members of parliament. Thank you all.

What’s happening now?

The Peak District National Park authority secured a pause to the work on Rushup Edge, but DCC are due to resume work on the 17th November. In the meantime DCC have sent out countless “copy and paste” responses to the concerned correspondence they received over the Rushup work.

We found that their response did not correspond with our experience of the events leading up to Rushup. After some incredibly diligent research by our members we have evidence to rebuke DCC’s statement.

We plan to release this document imminently alongside a survey to gather more data on the trail maintenance approach by DCC. Please support us by circulating this document and survey so we can educate as many people as possible and gather as much data as possible.

Time is not on our side

The aim is to get a complete halt to the work so we and other key authorities such as the Peak District National Park can consult properly with DCC on how this and future works should be carried out. Time is not on our side.

In the meantime you can help by:
• Continuing to raise awareness of this situation. Talk to everyone and anyone who might have an opinion on this and send us their quotes and comments. We’re particularly interested in hearing more from other user groups such as walkers and horse riders.
• Signing up your cycle club as an affiliate to Peak District MTB via our website
• Signing up as a Peak District MTB member on our website

Direct action

We’re aware of a group ride being organised for the 22nd November but this is not a Peak District MTB or Ride Sheffield organised event. We’d like to see our current plans through before arranging any direct action and would be grateful if our members can honour that.

The future

We have many medium and long term plans we want to talk to you about but are conscious that time is not on our side with the Rushup Edge saga. We will communicate these plans in due course and – as usual – will be asking for your support and help.

9 November 2014