Rushup Consultation 18

We need you to take action now!

It’s really very simple, Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has put its latest proposed plans for repair work on Rushup Edge / Chapel Gate out for public consultation.

This link takes you to the page containing drawings and specifications suggested by DCC for the work and the consultation questionnaire.

We intend to oppose this work on exactly the same grounds as we did 4 years ago and ever since, the work is not required at this scale. Any work should be sympathetic to the landscape and the position of the track as a high moorland trail. We would want to see any work undertaken to be more akin to that carried out on the Roych – stone pitching.

If you think that any work on this route should be light of touch rather than smoothing the route, introduction of concrete and flags, then please take the time to compose a response to DCC.

This is a short video made by James Irwin of Bike Garage and Peak District MTB that shows what the track is like today.

We only have until the 10 July so let’s get the word out and let DCC know what we think of the plans.

Anyone with any specific expertise: legal, planning, engineering or anyone who has a disability or is involved with another user groups and who would like to help shape our response, please could you get in touch with our committee member Esther at

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this proposed route repair and wants a quick catch up, here’s a link to an article from last year will get you up to speed pretty quickly.

Many thanks.

6 June 2018