Rushup Edge

Rushup Edge Works, did the Peak District National Park know about it?

One of the hot topics with regard to the controversial works taking place on Rushup Edge is who was consulted and whether that consultation was adequate. We’re piecing together a lot of evidence suggesting not.

There have also been a lot of comments made by officials from organisations like Peak District National Park authority (PDNPA), including significant figures claiming no knowledge of these works. The following is paraphrased from an official briefing note between the rights of way officer and a Director at the PDNPA and forwarded to us by one of our members, a contact of the PDNPA Director.

“In early 2014 DDC contacted PDNPA to say that they had funds to carry out further repairs to Chapel Gate. PDNPA asked for a site meeting with DCC before work commenced.

On 24th October PDNPA were alerted to the the planned MTB (picnic) protest via Twitter. PDNPA had not been informed of (the) start of work (no site meeting had taken place with DCC).

On 27th October PDNPA requested info from DCC confirming they had started work. PDNPA requested that they stop work until a proper consideration of the specification had been made and PDNPA had commented on it.

PDNPA rights of way officer visited site on 29th October and discussed with DCC (Peter White). DCC indicated they intended to resume work in the next couple of weeks.

PDNPA will reiterate its request regarding details of the specification before further work is carried out on the basis it has a specific interest in the natural beauty and amenity of the route in question.

PDNPA will insist that DCC notify them and allow comment on any plans for repairs to public rights of way and unsealed unclassified roads where repairs may have an impact on the National Park’s purposes.”

In summary one of the key consultees for these maintenance works – PDNPA – is claiming inadequate consultation and communication from DCC. Are we surprised?

Having information like this forwarded to us is exactly why our members – you – are such an important part of what we’re trying to achieve. Thanks and keep it up.

7 November 2014