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Cut Gate – We’re nearly there!

The great news is we’re just a few thousand pounds off the £74,000 target for Cut Gate, so we’re over 90% there!

Alongside Keeper of the Peak and Ride Sheffield, Peak District MTB has been a major part of the effort to raise the funds for maintenance on the Cut Gate bridleway, north of the Derwent Valley, under the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains campaign. Catch-up on the full backstory here.

In November the horse-riders contributed £8.5K, with Peak Horse Power securing a £7.5K British Horse Society grant.

In October we helped promote Cut Gate in the public voting for a grant from the European Outdoor Conservation Association, which it won, worth £27K, adding a significant chunk to the kitty.

In October the BMC’s Mend Cut Gate Crowdfunder raised over £4,400.

In October Jason Budd, aka Ride Holme, rode to raise £600.

In September our Cut Gate Raffle raised £1,700, with the help of many great prizes from our supporters.

In September Jim Thomason on his Ride the Boundary raised over £500.

In September the Hope Valley Challenge donated £260.

In August, Manchester Mountain Bikers’ donated £250.

In July the Steel Valley Ride boosted the pot by £468.

In June, the MTB Dolly Mixer – Chrissy Francis’ ride from Hayfield to Lady Cannings raised £570.

From the start, and throughout, mountain bikers have been at forefront of this project. And all this is helping to cast mountain bikers in a new light; as a key pillar in the outdoor community. Now more asset, than liability.

So many thanks to all those who have donated so far. More donations can be made at:

31 December 2018