Cut Gate Path: Collaboration, Consideration, Conservation, Action?

Back in November we told you about the conversations Peak District MTB are having about Cut Gate alongside Ride Sheffield. Well things have moved on a bit and now, with the backing of the Peak District National Park Authority, Sheffield City Council, The Outdoor City and the support of Keeper of the Peak as well as 18 Bikes and Bike Garage we’re pleased to share what we’ve been working on with you.

Cut Gate Path: Collaboration, Consideration, Conservation, Action? Is available now.
Click here for the pdf brochure

Mountain bikers have opened this debate and we’re intending to lead on the discussion. But this is something which affects many others; so we’re inviting our friends in the horse riding, climbing, walking and fell-running communities to talk about it too. And anyone else for that matter.

James Irwin, Peak District MTB’s head spade says, “ With both Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB undertaking regular trail maintenance it might seem an obvious solution to just march up there with some spades and do the necessary. But Cut gate is a unique challenge, the size and nature of the bog the distance to transport materials etc. Makes this something outside what volunteers with spades can fix”.

Our document looks at the issues with the top of Cut Gate, and asks the question “What should be done?”

Education? Maintenance? Nothing? What do you reckon?

Have a read. Join the debate online on our Facebook pages (#cutgatepath) and let us know.

Cutgate bridleway, hand biking peak district, MTB, trail advocacy
A hand biker tackling the Cutgate bridleway

The Cut Gate bridleway can be a bog in places

5 February 2017