Urgent Update – Rushup Edge / Chapel Gate

We have had information passed to us through a reliable source at Peak District National Park that Derbyshire County Council is likely to recommence the work on Rushup Edge / Chapel Gate on 17th November.

DCC has also updated its web page re this project, some of the information has changed but we have copies of the original information and associated documentation. The brains behind PDMTB are currently cross referring the information and we will be publishing any discrepancies or changed information shortly.

One point of order – DCC has NOT consulted with PDMTB regarding works on any project, we had one meeting in March when we were promised documentation and a spokesperson for a meeting – neither of these things have happened – just to refute some messaging being put about by DCC. We have not consulted with the LAF; we have had one local MTBer, who was also a member of the LAF team, attend a PDMTB committee meeting, but that is the extent of our contact

1 November 2014